Shaka and his owner Jirina

“BorrowMyDoggy has changed my life, and my dog’s life. Shaka has been looked after by borrower Mary and her family when I'm at work. I do a doggy school run every morning and evening and it's so worth it to see Mary's face every day when she sees Shaka and vice versa. She says he's her ray of sunshine and made her dream of having a dog come true. My life is so much better, too, knowing that when I'm at work Shaka is well looked after and happy. They also look after him whenever I go on holiday or need a night off. But Shaka is the overall winner, having so many people around who love him. It will soon be a year since we met Mary and we've never looked back. We feel very lucky and honoured to have met them and I must thank you for that.” - Shaka’s owner, Jirina, from Essex.

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