How to teach your dog to bow

Have you ever wanted your dog to say please? This trick won't be able to make them talk but they'll look polite when asking for a treat.


  1. Ask your dog to stand on all fours and facing you.
  2. Hold a treat in front of their nose and take it to the ground.
  3. Say ‘BOW’ when you do this.
  4. When your dog starts to lower their front, reward them with the treat.
  5. Say ‘GOOD’ when you reward them.
  6. Repeat this, keeping the treat close to your dog’s body.
  7. After a few times, use only your hand motion as a visual cue when saying ‘BOW’.
  8. If they lie down, stand side-on to them and pop your arm under their tummy. Use the other hand to lure their nose down to the ground.

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