Dog Training Tip: How to clean your dog’s teeth

Easy tips to improve your dog’s dental health.

It’s a questions many dog owners can likely relate to….what’s the best way to clean your dog’s teeth? Proper dental care is essential to your dog’s health and Hannah from our partners at Cuffe Vets shares some tips to make the task a little less tricky.

Modern convenience food, even the best stuff, does not always engage the teeth as wild prey would do, and for which the teeth are designed. To get around this, try feeding your dog raw meaty bones, which helps to manage tartar, staining and maintain healthy gums. Even tiny dogs can and should eat raw bones. Some quite like when you pour boiling water over them first. The best place to acquire these bones is your butcher - most will be happy to provide something suitable at a very reasonable price.

Choosing something that is size appropriate for your dog is a good start (chicken necks are fantastic for smaller breeds), and your dog will love you for it. Please note, it is imperative that the bones are raw. Cooked bones can be dangerous and should never be fed.

If your dog doesn’t enjoy teeth brushing, it could be one of these reasons:

  • Oral health - if a dog has soreness in the mouth, he or she may find even gentle massaging with a finger brush painful. Your vet can assess the health of the teeth and gums to see if any dental work is required before pain free brushing is going to be achievable. Some smaller breeds like Yorkshire Terriers may find brushing distressing, as they have very tiny (often overcrowded) mouths!
  • Training - it is not always easy to convince your dog that tooth brushing is an essential activity. Introducing this activity slowly and gently when the dog is very young will yield best results - some dogs even look forward to brushing once they are used to it. They may particularly like it if you use one of the very tasty chicken flavoured enzymatic toothpastes on the market. With an adult dog, it can be more challenging to introduce.

Put this tip into action and let us know if it helped your dog, owned or borrowed.

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