Dog Training Tip: 7 Dog Summer Tips

Follow these tips to help your dog stay cool and healthy during the summer. They’ll woof you ‘thanks’ in return!

  1. Swap out traditional treats for an ice cube or freeze their toys.
  2. Always have a portable drinking bowl and bottled water.
  3. Swimming is a great way to safely exercise dogs in the heat. Avoid exercise during the hottest part of the day.
  4. Never leave a dog locked inside a car during hot weather.
  5. Ensure they’re up to date with flea and tick prevention care.
  6. Check your dog’s ears, face and between their toes after a walk. Pluck any grass seeds from their coat.
  7. Wearing gloves, remove any snail or slugs from your garden. They carry lungworm and can be dangerous for your pet.

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