BorrowMyDoggy BlogJust for fun15 February 2021Have you heard of Love Your Pet Day?

Have you heard of Love Your Pet Day?

Every day as a dog owner feels like Love Your Pet Day, but did you know that there is actually a whole day dedicated to loving them even more? And that’s the 20th February which is National Love Your Pet Day.

Our doggies give us unconditional love all year round, so we’d love to make Love Your Pet Day extra special for them. We’ve put together some of our favourite ideas for marking the occasion.

Go show your pups some love!

Get tricky

Once you’re past the initial training stage, it’s easy to forget to spend time learning with your dog. Dogs are highly inquisitive creatures who love learning (especially when there are rewards involved!). It’s never too late to teach a new trick, it just might take a little longer to pick up - and actually older dogs do a lot better at concentrating for longer periods.

There’s a wealth of ideas and info on Youtube. Just try searching for tricks for your specific breed to have something to aim for. Lots of reassurance, perseverance and celebrations for small victories and your dog will be showing off an adorable new trick in no time.


Love your pet day doesn’t exactly fall in prime picnic season, but your dog will absolutely love any extra time you can spend outside together. Wrap up warm for a long walk along your favourite route and find somewhere calm (nice views also help) to sit and relax together.

Pack some of your dog’s fave treats and a flask of soup or tea to warm yourself up. It’s the perfect motivation to spend some much-needed time outdoors and practice a little mindfulness, or bring along your dog’s favourite toy for some post-picnic activity. Rustle up something special for your dog if you have the time – Sainsbury's have some amazing cake recipes that sound good enough for human consumption! There are also a whole bunch of Recipaws you can try too.


No one ever looks back and wishes they’d taken less photos of their dog, let’s be honest! Treat today like family portrait day and try to set up something special, rather than the usual Instagram snap. Why not try and frame you and your dog against the backdrop of your all-time favourite view or regular walking spot, or you could set up your camera on burst mode and get some adorable action shots to truly show their personality.

Petflix and Chill

After a long day of exercise and learning, your dog will be looking forward to snuggling up with you. Stick on a classic dog movie and go for the full cinema experience with some human and dog-friendly snacks. Beethoven and Homeward bound are always a win for a bit of nostalgia, or opt for a newbie with A Dog’s Purpose.

Borrow a doggy!

If you love dogs but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full-time pup, Love Your Pet Day is the perfect occasion to connect with an owner (if they don’t already have an itinerary of canine celebrations planned). Spend yours and your borrowed dog’s dream day together with some of our tips.